Do I have to be physically fit?

You must have at least a minimum of what is called "sport level fitness". You will be the engine for your trip and, although you don't need to be a mountain bike racer, the better your state of physical fitness, the more you will enjoy your trip. To join any tour you should be able to pedal 50 km a day on flat land. Typical day rides are shorter but you will be cycling along single tracks, up hills with strong head winds and steep descents that are more challenging than flat ground. These trips are designed to be suitable for a wide range of different abilities. A support vehicle will always be available if required. Having prior technical experience will help but, if you do not, your mountain bike leaders will help you to learn basic off-road techniques.

What about the mountain bikes?

You need to bring at least an 21-speed mountain bike (everyone knows how nice is traveling with your own bike). The bike must be in good mechanical condition and gloves and helmet use is obligatory. Normally when you fly, bikes are carried free of charge as part of your luggage allowance. In the event that you don't want to bring your own bike, you may rent one from us.
It is not necessary to bring mechanical equipment, as our company will provide it. Additionally, you can always count on an extra bike if yours breaks down.

The bikes coming from outside Argentina must be registered at the Argentinean border. We will need in writing the brand, model, color and serial number of your mountain bike.

Who will be your traveling companions?

Who participates in the mountain biking tours? Usually people who join these kind of trips are women and men between the ages of 18 and 65, singles, couples and, sometimes, groups of friends. What they have in common is a love for an experience where bikes and the environment are combined, meeting others with the same interests, cycling as a healthy way to see different and unknown places, keeping both minds and bodies in a healthy state, being able to enjoy the simple things, and participating all the time.

What size will my group be? Normally the average is 14. We can enlarge the number of participants only on long vacation trips, but to no more than 26. This enables us to provide a personalized service for our clients.

Support vehicle

We have some center based tours in addition to point-to-point ones, which is possible because of the flexibility provided by having a support vehicle.
This means that you do not have to carrying any bags with you. If you need medical attention, you don't have to wait. We also carry an extra bike and you only cycle in the best areas avoiding cycle less interesting places.


You'll be assisted at all times by a bilingual guide (Spanish- English) who also is a trained specialist in physical fitness and mountain biking touring.

Medical insurance

Mountain biking is not a high-risk sport like flying or scuba diving, but there is an inherent risk involved. For this reason, we take all necessary precautions, which is why a helmet and cycling gloves are essential and mandatory. In addition, we carry a first aid kit, explain preventive measures (i.e. teach participants how to ride with awareness), and everyone is covered by medical insurance in Argentina and in Chile when it is needed.


Accommodation is always included in your MTB tour rate, which is usually at campgrounds or inns depending on the tour. Tents and cooking equipment also included but you have to bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping mat.


Everyone knows that food is our body's fuel for keeping us strong and healthy while we are demanding its best performance on the bike. The food chosen and programmed is common and rich in proteins, calories and carbohydrates for helping the cyclist's performance. During the day, there are cold and quick lunches and during the evening, we have hot and tasty dinners. We don't include meals whilst in transit to and from your point of origin.

What 's included?

-Transportation in Minibus (15 pax )
- Mountain bike transportation
- All meals (except the ones whilst in transit to and from)
- Medical insurance
- Campground or cabins with commodities (depending on the trip chosen)
- Permanent bilingual guide
- Tents and facilities (cooking equipment)
- Mechanical equipment
- Extra bike
- Support vehicle

What's Not?

- Transportation from your city to Argentina
- Airport taxes
- Accommodation in Buenos Aires
- Shuttle from Ezeiza Airport to your hotel
- Tips, soft drinks, alcohol and meals while in transit
- Optional extras

More Information?

For information call or send a fax to Mariano D'Alessandro +54-11-4788-1549 or e-mail him at or check